The Mortons 2008

The Mortons 2008

Saturday, May 9, 2009

28 weeks

I am still doing well and so far no issues. This is about the time I started having problems with swelling, headaches, and blurry vision with Kai. So I am watching myself a little closer than I did last time. I am not stressing or looking for things to be wrong, just know that I need to listen to my body better this time.

I am 28 weeks and am so excited to meet her, see her face, hear her cry. I just can't wait. I need to get back into my cleaning mode to start getting her room ready. I got a sinus infection and it stopped me in my tracks. I haven't done a thing around here in 2 weeks!

Her birthday will be July 24th. That is the date that was set for my c section. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Kim can take pictures of her birth. The dr said he will ask and thinks it might be possible. Not getting my hopes up, but at least it wasn't a NO!

I will post my 28 week belly pics soon. Have to get them loaded on my computer.