The Mortons 2008

The Mortons 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our first snow day of the 2008 fall season. Kai saw it snowing last night and wanted to stay up to play in it. He isn't going to bed like he used to since the move to the big boy bed, so yes, he was up at 11:00 last night. We went and got him out of bed and took him to the door to see the snow. First thing this morning, he said, "I put on my Thomas boots and go in the snow!" Kids are so much fun! Without Kai, I would have thought this morning, "Great, snow! Now it will be cold and I don't want to go outside." But instead of that negative attitude, I got us both ready and we went out and played in the snow. It was fun and we had a blast! He loves to touch the snow and wear his Spider Man hat! He even found some purple flowers sticking up from the snow and was worried about them. He ran over to them and brushed the snow off them and said, "How beautiful!" It really made realize how little we as adults stop to "smell the flowers" as they say. He was having a great time looking at the trees, running after the birds, trying to build a snowman but the snow wasn't sticky enough, and deciding whether or not to go down his snow filled slide when his glove fell off. When he touched the snow with bare hands he decided it was time to go inside..."Too cold, I wash my hands." Haha...we will go out later again, if the snow hasn't melted by then.

Kai throwing snow at me!

Kai and mommy

Finding the flower in the snow.

That is cold stuff!

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Kim Harms said...

Wow! You guys got WAAAAY more snow than we did!!!