The Mortons 2008

The Mortons 2008

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Such a slacker!

Ok, now Kim and Gaby have their really cute blogs and Paige does so well keeping up hers, it shows I am such a slacker! And I really have no excuse. They are as busy as I am.
So, here is an update. We found out we are having a girl due sometime mid to end July. Kendahl Sue will be her name and we are excited. Brad not as much b/c he fears being the father of a little girl. He remembers teenage boys and now has decided to keep her locked up! lol He will be a great dad to her b/c he will be so overprotective. If you all saw how much of a pushover he is with Kai it would make you laugh. He tries to act tough and stuff but I know the real him! ;) This little girl will be daddy's girl for sure.
I haven't been out shopping it up like I thought I would. I still find myself shopping for Kai and just browsing the girl isle. Guess it hasn't sunk in just yet.
Kai will start going to school on April 2nd, two days a week. He really needs some independant time b/c he clings to me still and has trouble lettiing me leave anywhere. (Not that he is left that often, guess that is my problem) I am excited for him to be on his own and have fun learning at school. It just makes me sad that he is old enough to go! Where do our babies go? *tear*
Not much else is happening but hopefully I will keep my promise to keep this site up.
Me and Kai...22 weeks along

Kendahl's profile:


Amanda said...

awww I love that pic of you and Kai!

Brandi said...

Hey, what about me?! I'm so going to play the twin card and tell you I update more than you despite them! LOL! Seriously, I'm glad to see you're updating again.

I always found it hard to shop for all my girls until after they were here. Now, I can't stop! It's so much more fun shopping for them than it is for me.

P.S. That's my favorite picture of you and Kai! So sweet!