The Mortons 2008

The Mortons 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching up!

Ok, it has been way too long since my last post so I am promising to keep up with it and what is happening here in CO.
Well, Brad started his AMT position on August 18th and he likes it so far. That puts us here in Colorado for 4 more years as of his start date. I have am happy to be staying here b/c there is such much to do as a family and I have many friends that Kai and I just love to pieces!
We have been trying for well over a year to get pg one more time w/ no success. I know I can go to doctors and such but I put it in God's hands and will accept whatever his plans are for me. It is sad to think Kai might be an only child but I know God knows best.
Lisa, my younger sister, had a little girl last November and she is just a doll! I can't believe she will be one soon! We are all so thankful to finally have a little girl in the family to spoil rotten. LOL
Not much else is going on with the Mortons that is super exciting. I am still tutoring online and baby sitting so we can earn a little extra each month and I can be home with Kai.
Just check in often and I promise, this time, there will be updates and pictures!

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Sunshine said...

I had almost given up :) I thought, I will check it one more time... Glad to hear that you guys are doing good!